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What our clients have to say about our coaching...

Bicycle Fittings

  • "I went to see Robert Wilhite for a bike fitting and initial technique evaluation. The Client Comments at his site are quite bold, and my impression is that they are not overstated. Robert is a true teacher. The fitting was educational as well as functional. If someone is considering a bike fitting or an initial evaluation , I highly recommend that they are done at the same time. The two processes mesh well together, and you even get a discount.

    Throughout the fitting, Robert explained the bio-mechanical reasons for positioning certain bike parts relative the location and motion of certain body parts. In a nutshell... I walked away with a bike that actually compliments the size, shape, and movement of my specific body, my technique has been immediately corrected in the area of posture, and I have a clear path to generate more power and speed by simply correcting my motion."

    Michael, Roswell
  • "Well its been 1 week and about 200 miles since you set (fit) me and my Bianchi up. I can't even come close to telling you how much better I feel and preform on the bike. Not only is climbing somewhat easier (still gotta get better at breathing) but also high cadence cruzing has also improved. Who would think that a bunch of small adjustments to myself and the bike could make that big a difference. You are the man! I am still having to work hard on my core support for longer rides as my core strength is still not up to par. But it is getting better even if slowly.

    Just want to really thank you for your time and advise."

    Wayne, Buford
  • "HOLY COW! So I just finished my second ride since the fitting. I can't believe how much of a difference that fitting made! Without even trying, I set my PR on two climbs and my total average speed increase 1.2 mph on this ride. Most importantly, my heart rate didn't spike, I recovered quickly during the ride, and I feel like I have a ton of energy left for the rest of my day! During today's ride, my riding buddy (a triathlete who happens to ride a tri-bike) called me the "Rocket Man". Love it!

    I do see a tremendous power gain in the new position, and am going to continue working on those muscles and become stronger. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for helping me!"

    Greg, Atlanta (Rocket Man)
  • "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you ROBERT! I bought my Pink Elite bike in December 2005 and I have had 4 different individuals do fittings for me. After having constant severe lower back and knee issues, I decided to give a fitting one more shot! Lucky enough for me, I run into you at Columns drive. I have been riding my bike now pain free, thanks to you. You were also the first to notice that my bike is to small for me. I guess a new bike is in the future for 2008 and I will be calling on you again for a fantastic fitting! I am looking forward to my training season with you."

    Dana Henry, Triathlete Team PT Solutions
  • "Robert, thank you SO MUCH for my bike fitting Friday night. I went in thinking there would be some minor improvements, but the differences I felt Saturday were not minor! I had so much more power, using the same amount of exertion. During the 3 hour ride, I just kept saying WOW! It really felt like a whole new experience. I didn't know just how poorly fitted I was until I got the right fitting. After getting off the bike, I went for a 13 mile run. With the old fitting, that would have been so much harder - I used to get off the bike with pain and soreness. Those same pains were not there Saturday. Now, I just have to get a lesson to learn how to tackle those hills?! Thanks for your help, I appreciate your expertise!"

    Jill, Buckhead
  • "I never felt better riding this particular bike like I felt after you made the seat adjust the first time I came over to your house (I guess you made a small adjustment to the bar as well?). What you did on that seat/bar adjustment made all the difference in the world (before that, I was always moving my rear end all over the place)."

    Mark, Tucker
  • "Grateful to announce my improved performance since my profession fit and training with Robert. My riding skills impressed my friends with my improved avg mph by at least 2-3 mph! Wilson 100's 65 miles made for lots of time for practice :)

    I am convinced that everyone needs to schedule a fit and lessons with MYCYCLECOACH; it really makes sense."

    Tania, Cumming
  • "With his emphasis on biomechanics, Robert found & corrected things that I never even thought about. Not only did he find & correct issues with my bike fitting, but also with the way my cleats were set, and gave me instruction on proper positioning on the bike."

    Mike, Atlanta
  • "Having Robert Wilhite as a Coach has been very beneficial to my cycling. The individual one-on-one sessions are very informative and enjoyable. The bike fitting was very in depth, and no changes were made without Robert first describing in detail the mechanics and purpose/importance of each change. After the bike fit and going over posture/position and breathing techniques I could feel a difference in the power of my pedal stroke and efficiency of my recovery."

    Colin, Marietta United Community Bank Racing Team
  • "You took the time to listen to and understand my objectives then spent hours fitting me and test riding different Models. I am grateful that you helped me make the right choice then and appreciate how you have stayed in touch, encouraging me to continue riding."

    John, Atlanta

Riding Skills

  • "ONE-ON-ONE SESSION WITH YOU TODAY WAS THE BEST MONEY I HAVE SPENT IN CYCLING SO FAR: Today I had a one-on-one coaching session with The experience completely BLEW ME AWAY. As many new riders out there, I thought that I could get by and learn enough about the sport through well intended friends willing to help. I WAS ABSOLUTELY WRONG. Robert's approach was simple: figure out where my confidence and fear level and started me from RIGHT THERE by teaching the basic skills and the SAFEST WAY TO RIDE YOUR BIKE. I went from someone who was refusing to get on the bike to a confident and happy person at the end of the session. His encouraging attitude and passion to teach, was EXACTLY what I needed to lose the fear over the bike. Robert takes the time explain the mechanics (the whys) about every drill and help things MAKE SENSE. I came out not only more confident, but more educated and most importantly doing what is SAFE AND RIGHT. This guy is passionate about seeing you overcome your fears and anxieties. If you have never gotten on a bike or you are not confident of what you are doing, then read this: what is impossible to you today, IS POSSIBLE with the right coach, believe me, I am proof of that. THANK YOU ROBERT!!!"

    Andrea, Marietta
  • "I've been cycling both road and mountain for over 20 years. Prior to my skills training class with Robert, I thought I could handle any situation in a cycling environment. After taking Robert's class, I quickly realized how much i was missing and the importance of road safety. I learned more in one hour with Robert than I have in the past 20 years in the saddle. I would recommend this class to all levels of cyclist. One hazardous situation can side line you for weeks or possibly months. I would rather be in the saddle and confident that I can handle a situation if it arises than sidelined with an injury."

    LeAnn, Atlanta
  • "As someone who has been riding for 10 years if I had some of the skills we learned...on Monday I would have never fallen and broken my collar bone 7 years ago..."

    Barry, Atlanta
  • "I am really glad that I was part of this terrific class. I learned so many "real life" tips that I began using immediately. Robert's diligent emphasis on safety and his "non-negotiables" in terms of do's and don'ts have really kept me from developing bad, unsafe habits on the road. The information given has cut the learning curve down significantly and has helped me feel more comfortable handling and staying in control of my bike. Very good investment for a new cyclist like me."

    Amy, Atlanta (Roswell)
  • "A much needed and necessary session that identified several issues namely safety and handling for getting clipped in. As many beginners, you just follow a friend who has been there before you like the first time on a bike as a child. My time spent with Robert was like having a one on one for the most important aspects of cycling. I always thought to myself....if I only could hire a coach to teach me what to do! I can now feel confident in my skills especially on the road and in unexpected situations.

    What stood out most was his "getting down to my level" and not making me feel like a newbie. I am often intimidated by the faster and stronger groups of cyclist. Are you signaling right, are you holding the line properly, are you passing properly...list goes on and on. He made me feel comfortable during each session and his steps were easy to follow.

    The coolest thing was the tip on actually how to clip in properly---point toes down and heel up!"

    Tania, Cumming
  • "I think Robert said it best, “you don’t know what you don’t know”. So true! The tips and techniques yesterday were great. Watching Robert perform the cornering maneuvers, was quite scary. I can’t ever imagine turning a corner going that fast! However, seeing and experiencing the difference between the two techniques was amazing."

    Ellen, Atlanta
  • "I'm a person who learns best by doing. However, I was really able to take many of your tips and suggestions and apply them while riding on my own.."

    Betsy, Atlanta


  • "The question was can I ever get better at climbing? The answer is yes! After one hour with you this past Friday morning my understanding of how to better get up those nasty hills was answered. No, I will never be a Contador or Armstrong but man what a difference knowing the correct technique made for me this weekend. On my Friday ride there is this steep hill, ( 6% to 8%) normally it takes me 18 to 20 mins to get to the top and I am worn out. After our session I was able to cut off 4 1/2 min's off my time on that now silly little hill. On Saturday I rode choosing to do ride the longer more hilly 52 mile route. Even though I still need more strength I was able to get up the hills much faster, but more importantly once I got over the top I had more energy left so recovery time for the next climb was quicker.

    Once again thank you for helping me reach my riding goals of not being at the back of the pack."

    Wayne, Winder
  • "I thought the session was phenomenal! I thought the approach you took in explaining why we were doing things was awesome, especially the technical aspects of how biomechanics works. Everything played out just as you said it would as we incorporated it in the climbing session. Like you always say, “biomechanics don’t lie!” I thought we got more information than I had expected going in, which was nice.

    The two main things I took away from the session were: Proper pedaling technique. Also, pulling through correctly when climbing out of the saddle. Can definitely feel the diff in power over pedaling flat footed.

    Climbing out of the saddle—Staying back over the pedals was HUGE. Also, learning to lock in the torso and rock the bike not the body was big. I was way off here and never would have known it. All in all, great session and a bargain for what I got and can use going forward."

    Dillon, Kennesaw
  • "I enjoyed the session and will re-read the RECAP each day between now and 6-Gap. It was great riding w/ Richard yesterday after our lesson - went flying by him on the steepest section of our biggest climb (Wildwood??? the road between the round-about at P'tree Ridge Park to McGinnis Ferry)...OH, the look on his face was priceless. Of course he picked it up a notch and tried to catch me, but to no avail!!!! I was in my 3rd rear cog - usually in my biggest, or even my triple on this steep section...Incredible results on that climb and had a great 30+ miler after that."

    Sam, Lawrenceville
  • "Thank you Robert! I really did get a lot out of the session today. I guess gaining awareness and building confidence are the two things I take most out of any of your sessions. Both lead to a mental and physical conditioning that can only improve my cycling skills. If you stop and think about all of the tips, tricks, hard skills and biomechanics—it really all makes perfect sense. Obviously, it's awkward to do something for the first time, but repetition is the key to building a strong foundation."

    Betsy, Atlanta
  • "During a riding session, we covered the importance of correct posture and breathing and went over a few tips on warming up and being able to change your position during rides/races to save energy and your muscles. We covered exercises to engage the core and help learn to keep the upper body still. Robert then proceeded to demonstrate two key climbing techniques, one for optimum power and the other to recover while climbing. Through the entire session he was very in depth with the reasoning and importance of each skill. We also talked about proper turning techniques for safety and optimum speed. The coaching sessions are packed with priceless insight. Robert is a very patient and loves what he does.

    I have learned a ton of great tips and skills essential to bike racing through the short time I have been working with Robert. I look forward to continue working with him and how it will greatly improve my cycling.”

    Colin, Marietta United Community Racing Team


  • "I only have 4 words for you: You are a genius! Went out to ride today with a novice rider (yes, believe it or not there are people more novice than me) and decided to work on my shifting. Short but hilly ride--some of which have been a bane to me for years. One road in particular dips down to a Creek then climbs what use to seem like forever. Today I hit it, thinking, "OK, here we go, let's see what the new fit does." I got to tell you, with the fit and the shifting thing, the hill was effortless! I couldn't believe it! I actually considered turning around an trying it again! I wasn't pushing on the hill, but still, I went up it without breathing hard once! How cool is that?

    On the way back on 162 there is a sort but steeper climb, I hit that, started to go through my routine of upshifting (easier right?) got to the top and discovered that I never came out of the big ring! I have a new desire to be on the bike! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

    John, Conyers
  • "Can't say enough good things about Robert & the coaching services he has provided me over the past year. Whereas many professional cyclists & serious amateurs have sought him out to improve their performance in various competitive events, when I first contacted Robert, I was a 53 year old recreational cyclist who got tired of being dropped on group rides. Nonetheless, Robert took me on as seriously as his other, albeit, more professional clients. Robert has shown me various techniques to improve my performance & my bike handling skills. He has also given me very savvy advice on various exercises to perform - both on & off the bike; & on nutrition. All of which have led to a significant increase in my performance, and in my enjoyment of the sport of cycling.

    I don't aspire to be a competitive cyclist, but both my performance & my confidence level have improved significantly since using Robert's services, and I would whole-heartedly recommend him to anyone who is trying to improve their cycling experience in any way..."

    Mike, Vinings
  • "The following is an actual excerpt from my training journal: 8/31/06 - Madras ride, Newnan, GA - Robert Wilhite is a god! I can't believe my legs had all that power this whole time!..." recorded only three days after my first coaching session with Robert.

    Before coming to Robert, I had already completed one season of road racing. I wanted to get stronger, but had already maxed my potential via the advice from self-training books and tips out of magazines. I needed one-on-one instruction specialized to me. Robert delivered. Each session was like straddling the bike anew...all over again! I discovered this latent power I possessed just by improving my form & riding technique. I'm looking forward to great accomplishments this racing season; I'm reminded and encouraged in these goals at each of the coaching sessions. My confidence on two wheels has easily doubled in the months I've been working with Robert, whom I am proud to call my cycling coach."

    Kevin, Stone Mtn
  • "One on one coaching session was great. We did a 25-mile loop and you were able to quickly address some issues that honestly had never crossed my mind, but also were not difficult to correct or modify. These included biomechanics, downshifting at the correct times during a climb (climbing being my biggest weakness), managing the stability of my upper body, proper positioning within a group ride, apexing in a turn (particularly if a climb is coming at the turn), and making better use of the big ring. We did our session on a Sunday afternoon and I already felt a difference by the Monday night group ride. Will be ready for another session soon."

    Bill, Buckhead
  • "I rode my bike yesterday on a portion of the Buckhead Bellyache. It was amazing, I noticed a big difference in my riding, esp my breathing, comfortability, power, and cadence (esp on hills). Even the handling which has never been a concern for me, felt better…"

    David, Atlanta
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