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About Coach Robert

150,000+ miles logged and still going...

Robert Wilhite has been athletic all his life. He began playing golf at age 13 in his home town of Memphis, TN. Even in high school, he qualified to play most organized sports but eventually focused solely on golf. He still holds the unique records of playing on the Varsity Golf team and qualified as its #1 player three consecutive years. After moving to Atlanta, GA, Robert assisted in creating and joined a motorcycle road racing team called 'Team Redeemed' and raced for three years in the southeast in the W.E.R.A. (Western Eastern Racing Association) series.

Next, he entered the golf business as an Assistant Golf Professional and began teaching golf with the primary focus being correct biomechanics. It was 1997 when Robert bought his first road bicycle and immediately fell in love with the sport. A few years later, Robert had the opportunity to play competitively as a PGA professional golfer and during this time, he used cycling as his major source for staying fit. While racing motorcycles, Robert obtained valuable experience in handling skills, balance and proper cornering (apexing). Combining his racing skills, a teaching background and an understanding of biomechanics, Robert has a very unique approach to proper fittings and coaching.

His clients includes beginners, recreational cyclists, professional triathletes like Carole Sharpless (GA's #1 women's professional triathlete) and racing teams. Recently in 2006, Robert was named Team Coach for the Union Ciclistica Latin of Georgia (UCL) professional cycling team based in Atlanta, Georgia. The team’s top rider, Oscar Mauricio Henao Jaramillo, recently won the very popular 2006 GA Cup southern racing series in September 2006, 2007 and 2008. No one has ever won 2 years in a row; much less 3.

Sports have been an integral part of Robert’s life and he has a tremendous passion, especially for cycling. Likewise, his passion as a teacher in the sport comes very natural. As you could imagine, it is very easy to relate to whatever topic he is covering. His desire is to help as many cyclists as possible learn correct cycling technique and understand the biomechanics behind each technique. "In that way", he says, "once you understand the basic concepts for each technique, you become your own teacher".

Robert and his bride Kelly currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia, home of


My Faith (#1)
My Wife Kelly


Bio-Mechanics (body movement)
Fittings (bio-mechanically based)
Technique Evaluation (every movement)
Natural-Born Teacher


Over 150,000 (and still counting)


Recreational Riders
Competitive Racers & Racing Teams


2011 Cannondale Super Six Hi-Mod (carbon)
2013 Cannondale CAAD 10 3 Ultegra (aluminum)


Author, 'Coaches Corner' for Southern Bicycle League's FreeWheelin' Magazine
Head Cycling Coach, Atlanta Triathlon Club, 2010-2012
Founder, Jackson County Brevet
Bike Roswell
Southern Bicycle League (SBL) President,2008
Project Adventure Kids; Team Coach 2008
Countless Group Rides Raising Funds for Medical Diseases, etc.


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Some of the most respected names in the metro-Atlanta cycling industry. is gaining more respect because of the uniqueness of the services offered, the personal interaction and most of all, the expertise Robert brings to the table.

Atlanta Triathlon Club: Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta Triathlon Club partnered with to offer a very unique spin class in December 2009. When completed, Jim Boylan (founder of ATC), approached Robert with an offer to join ATC as its new Head Cycling Coach. The official announcement was made by year's end.

As Georgia's largest triathlon club, ATC has amassed a coaching staff unmatched in Atlanta. ATC's Head Swim Coach is Megan Melgaard, who trained for the 2012 Olympic Games and Jonathan Bialek, who coaches Running with 1 full and 3 full Ironman Triathlons under his belt.

All ATC members receive a 15% discount on services.

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